What color is your heartbeat?
I imagine your heartbeat is blue, serene, and calm.
At least that’s because it’s how it makes me feel to be rested on your chest when I hear it.

I bet your smile tastes like heaven.
Like the stars dropped from the sky and fell on me like warm rain.

The finest silk couldn’t make me stray from the soft touch of your eyes.
And your touch?
Smells like fresh cut grass and sunshine, I’ll bask in it.

Forget hearing altogether.
The world has drowned out around me.
Forgive me, you have my senses on the fritz.

When the world is flat and the sun revolves around the earth…
That’s where I find you.

Illogical, impractical, impossible, irrisistable.

I don’t mind having lost my senses.
Without them I’ve found you.


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