Dear entitlement generation,

Temper your tweets, stall your snaps,
And forego your Facebook updates for just a few minutes.
Now I am what you are, and I’ve been where you’ve been.
But you know when couples are posting pictures of eachother
On their phones at date night that it’s time to power the fuck down.

How can you hate waiting for every single thing
But can’t get anywhere on time?
And just because you clock in and out of work
On time every day
Doesn’t mean you deserve more than what you already have.

You ARE special.
In the way that everyone is special.
But when you think about it,
If everyone is special
Than is anyone really special?

Wake up and smell the Starbucks secret menu Captain Crunch frappe.
The world doesn’r revolve around your #mancrushmonday
or #yolo lifestyle.

If you’re calling yourself a hipster,
You are not a hipster.

And what’s with the ricer car from the 90’s
With low profile tires
And a stereo that turns your car into a giant vibrator
When you don’t even have insurance
And your license was suspended last year.

How about you move out of your parents house
And/or stop taking their money
Before you tell me how hard life is.

Now I know you can’t live without your
Amazon prime, xbox live, hulu, netflix, spotify lifestyle.
But if you pull the plug on your
Technological life support
You’ll find life stopped waiting for you
And is now passing you by.

The world goes on without your duckfaced selfies.


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