The Tango


I should probably go home.
Where do we go from here?

Put down this drink and leave you alone.
Now that we’ve danced and had some beer.

Please don’t ask for another dance.
Do we drink the night away?

My head wont leave this up to chance.
Is it ok to ask you to stay?

I don’t want to lead you on.
When I look into your eyes.

I’ll stay for just one more song.
I see all you try to hide.

You know I’d love to stay the night.
Should we slow down and take it easy?

And my body is too tired to fight.
Or speed it up and get real sleezy?

What exactly is in this drink?
You know that I want more.

It’s making it too hard to think.
Than drinks and dancing on the floor.

You know I’ll always love you so.
Do you believe that things have changed?

Should I stay or should I go?
Or do you think it’s always the same?

I don’t know that I should stay.
Babe I want more than just tonight.

There’s still so much more to say.
I want this for my life.


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