Mercury Retrograde

Mercury rules our intelligence, mind, and memory.

It affects our self-expression, and communication style.

So while Mercury is a b-average communications major, Retrograde is a narcissistic psychopath with cannibalistic tendencies.

Let me communicate this breakdown for you.

This can be a time of healing for you, showing and then healing pain you didn’t even know was there.

Something is left undone or unsaid, closure is needed.



This pain is not the loss of one great love. It is the loss of every happily ever after that you have ever dreamed and never seen in person.

A grieving period for every emotion suppressed

Every heartache endured

Every word said that you didn’t mean

Every word you never said

Every what if

Can you tell me why what if controls the world?

It questions the very existence of everything. And the most painful, most heartbreaking truth is that it is all in your mind.

When you want to know the most beautiful way to say goodbye so that they know how much you really mean it.

Do you really mean it?

Really mean it.

Let me melt this down for you.

Find the door you didn’t shut all the way on your way out.

Tell it everything you’ve never said.

Close it.

Make sure you pull really hard, that it makes that little clicking sound so that you know for sure it is closed.

Move forward.


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