I’m not saying it’s hot outside, but two hobbits just threw a ring at me.

The heat of the summer slows everything down.


Moving at a snail’s pace is just Monday.

A real summer in Florida is as halting as the snow and ice up north. Everyone is hiding indoors.

Things retreat to the shadows.

The shade.

We will crawl out of our shells when the temperature is being more reasonable.

When the bugs stop feasting on our blood.

When it’s not too hot for fire.

When it’s not too hot to think clearly.

Summer steam rising from the asphalt fogs our minds.

Sweaty brows and cloudy vision.

Nothing is more fun because it’s this hot outside.

Nothing gets done when it’s this hot outside.

Everything is sleeping until summer is over.

Inaction is a drowned rat.

Do not disturb.

We are trying to take it easy. 

Summer is coming.


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