Bird Song

“I want your ugly, I want your disease. I want your everything as long as it’s free”


This is me peacocking

And perhaps your feathers produce much more elegant plumage

But I promise I won’t just say anything.

So consider this boom box body, consider this rhythm and blues brain, this broken record heart cause


“I knew I loved you then, but you’d never know, cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go.”


But I’ve fallen for the way your fingers feel around my feet.

Like root and tree that accidentally got it backwards, and where they meet you will find my definition of home.

Where happiness isn’t measured in hours, it’s just homeostasis.


“Cause home is wherever I’m with you”


Do you see I will steal the sound of a stadiums worth of some other bird’s songs.

And sing them as a symbol for all the things I haven’t said enough.


“So soon you will see you were meant for me”


And I’ve known you longer than I have ever known you.

My bones have been buried with yours endless times before and will continue to be long after our being.

Baby I’m bound to you.


“No grave can hold my body down”


And in every place that I’ve been buried is the sarcophagus filled with the lyrics that were in my lungs.

But first, let me enlighten you my love.

These lines are filled with more than I let on.

I could light a fire with this lust.


“I wanna be your vacuum cleaner breathing in your dust”


Trust me the truth is that your touch is a whole thesaurus on tantalizing.

Traversing my terrain as both teacher and torturer, but anything besides textbook.


“Don’t you ever tame your demons, but always keep them on a leash”


But I don’t mean to detract, don’t doubt the depth of my love my darling.

I just want you for dessert, breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner too.

The dry heat of the desert couldn’t drought this deluge.


“I want every single piece of you”


When you’re broken, I’ll be the gorilla to your glue.

You’re my favorite album with the smoothest grooves.

As if it weren’t grandiose enough

I will pour gasoline on this grass cause fuck being greener.

I’m not going anywhere that isn’t with you.

So when you ask me to sing my birdsong, I hope you won’t wonder what it is I want


“I want your love. Love, love, love, I want your love.”


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